Ruobyy Kumar
Emotional & health Wellness coach & Reiki Practitioner.
(Corporate & individual both)


Ruobyy is a spiritually gifted clairvoyance (vision) and clairsentience (sense & feeling), a qualified & certified Reiki lightarian master practitioner and Spiritual Teacher. I underwent my reiki training under well experienced teachers globally,i am an internationally registered Karuna Reiki® Master, registered with The International Centre for Reiki Training, an internationally qualified Lightarian Reiki™ Master, registered with the Lightarian Institute and an independent Usui Reiki Master. 

I did my Crystal healing certification with an IARP member and internationally registered Crystal healer/ Angelic Healer. I underwent two years of my Shamanic healing with a professional Shaman. I am a qualified Karuna ,Lightarian and Shamanic Reiki practitioner, Fengshui consultant and a Numerologist. 

I am a certified Numerologist ( Lo shu grid numerology )and keep fascinated myself towards spiritual learning. 

I also do workshops for Meditation, Chakras, Reiki ( Usui, Karuna, Lightarian) all levels, Pendulum Dowsing, Switch words, Crystal Grids and online workshops & Classes too. For more details about workshops please contact me directly to my contact or email. 

Healing not only helps you to relax or release the stress from your life, it's that universal life force energy which heals your soul too. It helps you to move on and let it go whatever the past issues or present problems in your life, which are the causes of your blockage in achieving success or abundance in your present life.

What is Healing?

Healing, any type of natural energy healing like Reiki, Crystal, Angelic,Shamanic will help you in aligning your body(including all chakras),mind and soul. We have only one life to live, then why to live in stress, unhappy and without peace. Every problems or issues in our  life comes from within us Yes, it’s within inside from us because we don't know how to tackle with that problems.
And in consequences it affects our mind, thoughts and body, after these our energy centres in body i.e. CHAKRAS, will imbalanced or slowly become blocked.
Healing helps you in the proper flowing and balancing of that energy centres.

What is Reiki? How does Reiki will help you in your day to day issues?

Reiki is a Japanese name for Universal life force energy, the source of vitality and the very 'life force' that keep us alive and healthy. It helps the energy  that flows through every living being as 'life'.
Reiki has the power to cleanse, heal and rejuvenate at the cellular level, thus enhancing the performance of all the functions of body, boost immune system, feels you energetic and purifying your thoughts and action.

Reiki has many benefits, some of them are mentioned here which anyone can feel immediately after first healing session;
1.Reiki can reduce pain and anxiety, tension, stress, unbearable emotional pain.
2.It can help melt away negative thoughts and blockages in person of all ages and enables us to accept the realities of life and love ourselves.
3. It can help protect our mental/ emotional negative reactions under unfavourable situation of life.
4. It brings clarity of mind and firmness of decision, helps in building inner confidence, and explore our best to the world. 
5. It helps in connecting or binding the relationship in an amazing way, unite love and togetherness, acceptance and understanding between persons within days of regular healing.
6. It can be sent to any future important events like marriage, job, function, meetings so that they will be accomplished in time and in a best satisfactory manner.

How crystal healing helps your body aura to clean and remove blockages from your chakras?

When you use a crystal for healing you lay out specific types of crystals and stones in a predetermined pattern. These patterns are designed to receive and transmute energy. Using a crystal grid is an ancient healing technique and it can take time to heal you but the changes it brings into your life will be visibly seen and felt.
Any crystals can be used for healing or energising, but they should be properly clean and energized in a predefined ways.
User must have knowledge of properties and benefits of these crystals before using personally. A Crystal healer can help you in all above these.

How angels can guide you in your life and why we need their guidance in our life?

The Angels are amazing beings, they can help us in all aspects of life, all we need to do is to ask! They cannot intervene unless they are invited to do so.  There must be times when they stand by our sides wanting to help but knowing they have to wait. Every person in this world has their separately dedicated angels and guide, to make their life's journey easier and smoother. No wonder angels are powerful healers, they have the ability to restore your mind, body and soul back to health no matter what ails you. They help you in finding your life's purpose too. Whenever any situation comes in life , when you feel low or trapped and you are seeking advice or solution, in any form that celestial beings help us and send their messages in any form by any means either through mobile message, any hoarding, any book , any number etc.

How any type of energy healing can positively impact on your life and visible changes occured?

Energy healing can help you many ways from physical to mental and from body to soul. It's my own experience, I was stucked in life nothing was happening everything was started going opposite direction and i was on the edge of losing hope, asking a question to myself that why? why ? it happened to me ,Why? It was a big emotional shock for me. And everything seems meaningless ,hopeless i can't find the peace any where either in temple or shopping ,nothing helps me in getting my answers and helping me to come out from that is the time comes now, my journey begins towards becoming a healer. 

It’s my intuition only, in search of some peace and happiness, i started my Reiki training and become a master healer. The day I got my attunement and healing, my life started changing .it seems like someone is correcting everything with a corrector and my life is coming back on track. My life is getting better and i am in extreme peace. I got my life's purpose to heal this world and each and every soul , in a physical existence. Who are suffering from either physically or mentally. I am very grateful for all my well wishers, my parents and celestial beings, and my biggest strength Godess Maa Durga.

Lastly, I would definitely thanks to my soul mate, because i believe behind every successful healer ,there is one person and for me the person is him. Without his presence in my life I will never be a healer. Every person has their own role to play in this virtual world and we all are just playing our roles without any judgement. If anyone could follow these 5 Reiki principles of Dr. Usui, practically in their daily life. Your life will be started changing visibly....



While playing that role, we have to face so many issues and traumas in our life, that needs healing and love. if you are also searching for self-love, happiness and peace and trying to let it go your past. Please try an Energy healing ,its the thing no one could make you feel: you could feel only after session . It can't be expressed by words that what extent of peace and relaxation you will get after each healing.

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